Meet Lynda

Greetings from someone perhaps rather like yourself, one who's worn several "hats" over the decades and faced a variety of challenges. So I understand all too well that events and circumstances sometimes fail to meet expectations and/or hopes. To support seasoned women such as ourselves in creating the lives they actually do want, I trained and became certified as a life and also divorce coach.

However, just think of me as someone in your corner, an "ally" as you navigate the aging process. For example, I can support you in (a) getting clear about your present circumstances, (b) sorting out what needs to be done or how you want things to be, (c) planning how to make that happen, and then (d) getting from here to there.

Why the Website?

The website serves two purposes: one is to share some of the things I've learned myself over a lifetime, in case any of those might be useful to others; the other is to provide a means of contacting me. But whether or not you decide to schedule some coaching, feel free to explore the site as much as you wish.

If you do that, however, please understand two things: (a) I am a coach, not a therapist (see Disclaimer); (b) in reading the material at this site, you may experience the occasional challenge and/or "goose." Although Ms. Goose may look fairly benign, she is still a goose and thus capable of occasional "assertive" encouragement.

Questions, suggestions, or requests? Just give me a call at my voicemail number, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can: 520-428-0017. Or send me an email message vía the Contact page. But if you'd like to know a little more about the goose, carry on...

Personal Background

Over the years and among other things, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Caribbean; taught school; helped manage a halfway-house program; edited countless documents in public health, water/sanitation, and international development; and served as a volunteer and occasional board member for some charitable organizations.

Not what you'd call a "focused" background, is it? But also not that unusual, I think, as life
sometimes requires more flexibility and compromise than may feel comfortable at a given time. Perhaps you've noted this phenomenon yourself now and then.

In my own case, just as I had decided to focus fairly ruthlessly on my own stuff for a while, the "Fates" began to mess with me again: serial health issues, my own and also those of loved ones; aging parents with Big support needs; fallout from deferred needs/wants...I could not Believe what was happening!

And why even share this cumbersome tale? To demonstrate that the journeys of others are sometimes no
shorter nor more straightforward than our own.

Now, a Few Words About YOU...

Please try to bear something in mind if your own odyssey has included unexpected twists, turns, detours, and even blockages: that was then. If now you're considering an alternate route or even a brand new journey, perhaps you might broaden and/or deepen your gaze...or maybe even shift it considerably, if necessary or desirable. In so doing, you might leapfrog right over the clutching hands of habit, health issues, other people’s needs/expectations, this month's crisis, etcetera, and reach your goals sooner (maybe far sooner) than you expect.

Meanwhile, three cheers and a parade if you're examining the direction and circumstances of your life. You could be taking your first steps toward even better times than you envision at this moment. My vote? Keep taking those steps, and see where they lead you. And, above all, remember to have some fun along the way!

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