So, if Aging Mellow Works for Wines... 

Why shouldn't it work for aging women, as well? [And anyone else going toe-to-toe with Father Time, really...]  For example, we might be employing some "mellow-magic" ourselves if our behavior helps create/maintain good-natured environments; if we lend a hand wherever, whenever, and however we can; and if we also make our own lives work for us during these sometimes challenging times. 

Enticing prospects, don't you think? But can we pull them off in real life—given the nature and amount of "baggage" we may carry at this stage? Often we can, with the skills and "tools" we develop over time...sometimes including these two hummers: (a) adopting and/or acknowledging a mission or purpose; (b) tackling a (possibly long-held) goal or dream. These gems and So many others may even now be calling our names...loudly.

Plus, we might also assess the level of exploration, creativity, adventure, and Flat-Out Fun in our lives. Because those puppies can wander off when we're busy, stressed, bored, etc., monitoring (and perhaps the occasional direct measure) may help us to keep them close at hand or to reel them back when they do stray.

A Few "Direct Measures" to Consider...

At certain times, some of us might find it helpful to talk with people who know how to listen. For example, conversations with a sensitive friend/family member, or a therapist, clergy person, coach, etc., can sometimes yield remarkable (and perhaps unexpected) benefits.

Another possibility? Life-tweaks, which could include even very simple adjustments
to enhance and/or lure back joie de vivre or ease an issue that may be troubling you. A single step, even just one, can often start the ball rolling, whatever the nature and scope of the "tweak" you're undertaking.

Here's another: Could you be harboring a
long-held wish or goala personal path (or hill) awaiting your metaphorical boots? If yes, perhaps you and those boots might decide to embark upon one or more of the following:

* Getting verrry clear about what YOU genuinely want for yourself or perhaps need to do
* Laying out a plausible course of action to attain/accomplish that thing
* Taking a single step toward the goal(s), and then moving ahead and hanging in(!)
* Staying out of the dreaded Boxes as you work your way forward


Alas, yes. In a nutshell, those would be any attitudes, beliefs, habits, etc., that hinder our progress and/or lessen our enjoyment of life. Such "boxes" tend to lean in obnoxiously during the autumn (i.e., aging) years.

For example, the don't-get-old box can sometimes assault midlife and senior folk in tedious and possibly even destructive ways. Another candidate for rotten eggs? Procrastination, the do-it-later box, which can deflect us from pursuing the things we want or maybe even Really need to do...things we perhaps feel guilty about not having dealt with before now. (Guess how I know that.)

Equally dampening to the spirit can be the maybe-losing-it box, the too-late/old boxes, the don't/can't/shouldn't do it (the DDIs) boxes, and the maybe I'll need/want this later (clutter) boxto name but a few of the "usual suspects."

           Click on any live link below for discussions of these and other bandits.

                                Acing the Aging Gig

Whether or not the box analogy itself works for you doesn't really matter. But the behavioral and thought patterns such "boxes" could represent might sometimes hinder you unnecessarily and possibly also more than you realize. Plus, they can sure trash mellow.

Something else to consider is that world of today SO needs your wisdom, good humor, and experience. Do you (or the rest of us) actually owe those qualities to the world? Who knows, really. But I vote yes, because what a gift they can be when applied generously and widely.

And as those "gifts" lighten and/or brighten the lives of others in various ways, our own may do so as well: surely one of Life's kinder double-wins. Maybe we might pursue those wins more often ourselves, ya think?? 

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