If you explore this site, please bear in mind that the material herein is meant neither as some form of therapy nor as "expert" advice. My aim, instead, is simply to discuss certain topics relative to goal clarification/achievement, personal transitions, and general well-being during the "autumn" years. I do so based mainly upon experience, observation, and other kinds of learning.

Moreover, although opinions and suggestions here are offered in good faith, I also expect readers to use common sense in applying those to their own lives. While some of the material at this site may be appropriate for you, some may not.

Therefore, please carefully weigh what you read here against your Own experience, instincts, and judgment. In Bertrand Russell’s wise words, "Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out." Understood? If something you read here doesn't feel right for you, do not act upon it.

Should you choose to apply any of the material at this site to your own life, you do so as a free agent, consciously and with the understanding that in certain circumstances some risk could be involved. As you've no doubt noted, the activities of Life itself sometimes carry a certain risk.

Thus, as owner of this website, I accept neither responsibility nor liability for any harm—real or imagined—accruing from the application or dissemination of the material herein.

Everybody's situation is different and, as my mom used to say, "circumstances alter cases." What works for me may not work for you; what works for you may not work for your neighbor or best friend. But if you listen to your own "gut" when you read (or hear) suggestions and/or observations about personal behavior, you probably won't go too far wrong. In my experience, the gut usually knows best...if we but heed it.

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If you choose to explore this site, please understand three things: (a) I am neither therapist nor professional coach; (b) my focus here is primarily aging women; (c) my comments are not intended to disparage any women (or men) whose immediate choices may range from limited to nonexistent. To them (or anyone, really), I mean no offense with my remarks.

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