Privacy Statement

Because most of us have concerns about online privacy these days, please know that I am committed to protecting the privacy of my online visitors. Thus, (a.k.a. will collect personal information from visitors only on a voluntary basis.

Depending upon the need, such information could include any of the following: name, email address, snail-mail address (but only under specific and clearly stated circumstances), and telephone number (ditto).

For example, I would need some contact information to respond to inquiries and/or to announce products (or updates) and new posts to people who've joined my List...if I set one up.

Please understand, however,
that I will never, ever share even a snippet of your personal information (including email address) with third parties for any purpose whatever. It just ain’t gonna happen.

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If you choose to explore this site, please understand three things: (a) I am neither therapist nor professional coach; (b) my focus here is primarily aging women; (c) my comments are not intended to disparage any women (or men) whose immediate choices may range from limited to nonexistent. To them (or anyone, really), I mean no offense with my remarks.

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