Hi there, and thanks for dropping by. On this page you'll find links to my latest posts. If you're a seasoned woman, they're directed specifically to you...but they're also not forbidden to others. ;-)

Procrastinating? Maybe you're in the all-or-nothing box

Procrastinating quite a bit? Try tackling your projects in small "bites."

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Smacking Down the Big Clock

What does the Big Clock mean for you? One thing it means is that, however amazing you may be in however many ways, you have less time than you once did to go after any goals/dreams that still beckon.

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Losing Weight After Menopause

Losing weight after menopause can be tricky, as the rate of women’s metabolism after 50 apparently decreases by roughly 5 percent each decade. Unfair! Still, there are some ways to deal with that...

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Perfectionism: Not Good Enough for You!

How can you overcome a perfectionism habit? Start by recognizing when "done" beats perfect!

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Keep Hanging In


When you begin something new and perhaps out of the ordinary, please remember the opinions that really matter: your own!

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Clutter: Freeloader from Hell

Although clutter can bedevil us at any age, clearing it assumes particular urgency as the years begin to mount.

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The First Step: Why Is it so Hard?


No matter how smart, skilled, and experienced we are, some of us still have trouble taking that first step! Why is that, anyway?

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Procrastination Blues

Slow killer of dreams, forestaller of goals, bouncer at the door to your well being—procrastination can be all of those things and more unless you understand its power and potential destructiveness.

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Small Steps Rule!

With small steps, you can get moving toward your goal(s) quickly and easily. Simple, uncomplicated, and effective, they can help you achieve goals and dreams while you’re still in this lifetime.

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