About You

Perhaps you, too, have experienced the disappointment and tedium of good times yielding to inconvenient events and circumstances. For example, maybe...

*  You lose your job but are still too young to retire; plus, who says you want to?
*  Your life partner wants to dissolve the relationship
or perhaps dies unexpectedly.
*  You're dealing with a serious health condition—or have even received a terminal diagnosis.
*  An intimate partner or other
loved one faces similar circumstances.
*  You realize that the days and weeks provide little satisfaction
or perhaps even frustration, etc.
*  You're beginning to feel less valued because of your age.

And so on. Meanwhile, perhaps it also seems that, over the years, the needs/wishes of others have sometimes tended to edge aside some of your own. That can easily happen when we live in a world of occasionally conflicting needs and wants. But now you may hear the Big Clock ticking away the time you have to be, do, or have what you want Yourself.

Ready to get serious about some of those things? Or maybe all of them? Whatever your needs, issues, or desires and whether or not you’re utterly and 100-percent clear about those, there’s no time like the present to begin addressing them—one step at a time. 

Working It Out

A possible first step? Laying out a single goal: a "destination," so to speak, even if it remains a bit fuzzy as yet. What, you weren’t expecting a trip? No worries, because you’re in charge of this one, which could take you to some interesting places both literally and figuratively—or perhaps to the end of a difficult process, which may then free you up for an adventure.

Sometimes the mere thought of a new direction unlocks possibilities to explore and, thus,
a new "journey." During that exploration, which may or may not involve some work with a counseling or coaching professional, you could further clarify how you'd like your life to be. Then, you begin (or continue) working toward that version. As you do, you may also find yourself taking more pleasure in the life you’re living right now...speaking of interesting paradoxes.

Do you think you might be ready to take something on? If you answer no, please don’t let the reason be that you think you're too old or that it’s “too late.” As long as you’re breathing, you can likely influence your life in some way.

For example, you can make changes to yourself, which tends to be where broader change begins, anyway. Plus, you can often get things working and/or feeling better for yourself if you simply commit to doing whatever that takes...and then following through. (Bearing in mind the old adage about catching more bees with honey, right?)

  Bottom Line?

Here's how it looks to me in a nutshell: your personal game needn't be over until You decide that it's over. That's the good news. The other news is that whatever you need or want to do is going to be largely up to you, which you already knew. But maybe consider tackling difficult goals, projects, or personal journeys step by step? If you take even one, you might be pretty pleased at where it ultimately leads; if you listen verrry carefully, you might also hear some distant cheers!

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