Aging Mellow
   So, if wines do it...

Aging women could also give it a try, right? True, as female humans we face potential challenges that mellowing wines duck entirely, and some of those may give us a hard/scary time. *BUT we can also (often) determine how we'll address those challenges...even when the available options may seem sparse and/or equally unpromising, and even if we're up to our ears in "complications."

Plus, we also guide the nature of our approach to life itself: fairly upbeat, for example, or maybe leaning toward aggrieved, entitled, glum, or another stance entirely. Whatever that turns out to be, we are the deciders.

       "Deciding" to Mellow-out our own Aging

A promising idea, perhaps? But if mellow feels like a stretch at the present time, consider this. When we subdue our shock/outrage at the aging process itself and any issues leering at us, we may also clear some "space" to laugh more, stress less, and find other cool ways to fend off the Aging Blues.

One such "fender" might be to monitor our lives for purpose (helping others, perhaps?), exploration, adventure, and just plain fun. Why? Because these helpful magicians tend to stray when we're stressed, preoccupied, and/or dueling unequally with the Fates.

During difficult times, their absence may affect us more than we realize. Fortunately, however, other actions and tools are often available to us as well.

   Just a Few Possibilities to Consider...

During challenging times, people sometimes find it helpful to talk with someone who actually knows how to listen: a sensitive friend or family member, for example, or a therapist, clergy person, coach, etc. Conversations with such persons may yield surprising benefits.

Another possibility? Life-tweaks, which could include even very simple adjustments
to enhance and/or lure back joie de vivre. If such an approach feels promising, perhaps you could think about ways you might sort out an issue that troubles you...or even clouds your life. A single step can often start the ball rolling.

Something else to consider: Do you harbor a certain wish or goalperhaps a personal path or hill that's been awaiting your metaphorical boots? If yes, could any of the four possibilities below be steps you and those "boots" might feel ready to undertake?

* Getting very, very clear about what YOU genuinely want for yourself, or perhaps really need to do
* Laying out a plausible course of action to attain/accomplish that thing
* Taking a single step toward the goal(s), and then moving ahead (and hanging in!)
* Doing your best to stay out of the Boxes as you go

   Boxes? Somebody actually said BOXES??  

Alas, yes. In a nutshell, those would be attitudes, beliefs, habits, etc., that hinder our progress and/or lessen our enjoyment of life. Although they can do this at any age, such "boxes" sometimes lean in obnoxiously during the autumn years.

A prime example would be the don't-get-old box, which (if allowed) can sometimes hound midlife and senior women in very tiresome ways.
Another candidate for rotten eggs? Procrastination, the do-it-later box, which deflects us from pursuing the things we want. It can also block us from things we may really, really need to take care of and perhaps also feel guilty about not having done so before now. [She said, raising her hand.]

As dampening to the spirit can be the not-enough box, the maybe-losing-it box, the too-late/old boxes, the don't/can't/shouldn't do it (the DDIs) boxes, the maybe I'll need/want this later (clutter) boxto name but a few of the usual suspects.

Click on any live link below for discussions about managing these and other impediments to the laid-back, jolly, and fulfilling autumn years you're now enjoying or may wish to create/maintain for yourself.

                                     Bottom Line?

Whether or not the box analogy works for you doesn't really matter (IMHO). But the behavioral and thought patterns such "boxes" represent might hinder you unnecessarily and possibly also more than you realize. If you stay alert, though, you can often blow right past those draggerswhether step by step or in leaps that might startle even you. 

Something else to consider is that today's world SO needs your experience, wisdom, and good humor. Although you don't "owe" us those, what a gift such qualities can be...if you (please, please) continue to share them.

Meanwhile, whatever path(s) you forge during these years, your fans urge you to include some fun and other good stuff for Yourself. Deal? Because who could possibly deserve those more than you??

*Please understand that the comments at this site are not meant to disrespect women in desperate circumstances, whose own choices may range from limited to nonexistent. To such women (or anyone, really), I mean no offense with my remarks.

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