Aging Mellow...
Why not give it a shot?

Something to bear in mind about aging (IMHO) is that however much we may bitch and moan about it, or re-frame it in our minds, or even mitigate some of its effects, we can't keep it from taking place. Just like occasional bad weather, growing older seems an inevitable consequence of life on Earth.

That being the case, should we not make the process as pleasant (and perhaps leisurely) as possible? Although we don't get to do it inside a wine bottle ourselves—bummer, huh?no natural laws prohibit us from mellowing our personal "vintage" in cool and entertaining ways.

But without laughter, purpose, and FUN, mellowness sometimes wears thin as the years pass. In fact, it can become positively threadbare during those times when Life starts feeling more like a game of (cut-throat) poker with the Fates than anything else.

Even then, we can often hang in (if only by our fingertips), provided we fend off certain "boxes" that also try to mess with us. Here are but a few of the usual suspects...

Rogues Gallery of Boxes

The don't-get-old box, particularly unhelpful to seasoned women on a mellowing path, makes us unduly susceptible to put-downish counsel such as this: Ten things no woman should do/wear after 50/60. Seven make-up mistakes women make as they age. Staying sexually attractive after 65: how realistic is it? Looking old can sometimes be bad for your health. Five ways not to look like a scary hag during your senior years...

Okay, I made the last one up, but some titles edge verrry close to it. And we see such messages all over the place, don't we? Whether or not we actually read the material attached to them, subliminal shivs like those can still slide right in.

Although no doubt offered in a helpful spirit, such material reinforces the tedious message that we diminish in the eyes of society as the years pass (just in case we hadn't noticed the "trend" already). Besides depressing us on bad days, such messages also sometimes inspire people to actions that now and then don't end well: excessive cosmetic procedures, for example. Do we really need bummers like that when we're trying to enjoy ourselves? I think Kitty might have a few words to say about that.

But here's a thought: if you'd like some guidance on ways to look and feel your best, look for blogs/websites that suggest upbeat ways to do that. Meanwhile, those setting out rigid rules concerning wearing apparel, for example, or hair styles and makeup, or what's "appropriate" for a woman of a certain age to do? Kick 'em to the side of the road, because you're a grownup who makes her own choices.

  Some Other Boxes to Avoid...

Another box? Try procrastination, the do-it-later box. Please stay our of this one as much as you can, for it is a Box from Hell. Plus, the more years we accumulate, the more potentially destructive it can become if we allow it to deflect us from the things we want or perhaps really, really need to do.

When allowed, as dampening to the spirit can be the not-enough box, the maybe-losing-it box (yuuge!), the too-late/old boxes, the don't/can't/shouldn't do it boxes, the maybe I'll need/want this later (clutter) boxto name but a few of the usual suspects. Click on any live link below for discussions about managing these and other impediments to the laid-back, jolly, and fulfilling autumn years you may wish to create or maintain for yourself:

Do it later
Make it better (and better and better)
Don’t/Can’t/Shouldn’t do it
All or nothing
Don’t have enough…
Too old/too late to…

  Bottom Line?

Whether or not the box analogy works for you doesn't matter; the behaviors and thought patterns such "boxes" represent, however, could hinder you significantly. If you stay alert, though, you can often leave those impediments largely behindfreeing you up to make the days and years at your disposal both mellow and productive, whether step by step or in leaps that might startle even you.

So, whatever your age, why not keep going for the gusto? As you've no doubt discovered long since, it's way, way more fun to whoop it up than to mope around...and maybe you have a Bucket List, as well. Plus, the world around you greatly needs your experience, wisdom, and plain old guts. In short, this is no time to fold, mellow and foxy lady, because you've got great cards: all you have to do is play 'em and stay out of those (bleep!) boxes. For you, it'll be a piece of cake!

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