Aging Mellow
(Hey, if wines can do it...)

Ah, but for some of us, our aging process may seem pretty close to a one-eighty from lazing "mellowly" away in a cask or barrel. Hard things sometimes happen during these years, not only to us but also to those we love. Plus, even our own mirrors may pile on, which does seem harsh...but oh well, right?

Yet, despite it all, many humans seem to develop depth, complexity, and mellowness over time, just as wines do. Those same qualities (IMHO) appear to promote a somewhat lighter and warmer approach toward life than might otherwise ensue. And how cool is that?

[Those living in war zones or gravely threatened for other reasons fall outside the scope of these remarks.]

         Reaching Mellow

So, how do we foster the "mellow-morph" within ourselves? No doubt in myriad ways, although purpose, exploration, adventure, and just plain fun do seem to advance the cause for many. 

But those puppies tend to wander off now and then, don't they? Sometimes only temporarily and/or only to a minor degree, or maybe they leave us feeling trapped in a (losing) poker game with the Fates. What to do then, we may wonder while chewing our nails and perhaps cursing "colorfully."

   A Few Possibilities to Consider

Facing tedious and/or challenging times yourself? Perhaps you might find it useful to talk things over with someone who understands how to listen: a particular friend or family member, for example, or a therapist, clergyperson, coach, etc.

Another possibility? Sometimes people find that tweaking their lives in even simple ways
helps restore some of their joie de vivre. Perhaps you'd be one of those people. Or, maybe you could begin sorting out one or two more-serious things affecting your life, if any are so doing and if the "sorting" seems feasible under the present circumstances. 

And here's something else to consider: Take some steps toward a wish or goala personal "hill" awaiting your metaphorical boots. Here are but a few such steps to consider: 

* Getting very, very clear about what YOU genuinely want for yourself, or perhaps really need to do
* Laying out a plausible course of action to attain or accomplish those things
* Taking a single step toward the goal(s), and then moving ahead at a pace that works for You
* Doing your best to stay out of the Boxes as you go

   Boxes? Did you actually say BOXES?  

Alas, yes. In a nutshell, those would be attitudes, beliefs, habits, etc., that hinder our progress and/or lessen our enjoyment of life. Although they can do this at any age, such "boxes" seem to lean in quite a bit during our later years.

For example, the don't-get-old box often involves counsel such as this:
 *Ten things no woman should do/wear after 50/60/70, etc. *Seven make-up blunders women make as they age. *Staying sexually attractive after 65: How realistic is it? And so on...and on...and on.

Yet, how many of us actually need Rules concerning the way we present ourselves and/or what we choose to be, do, or have? Although guidance may be useful now and then, in the end who could be better qualified than we to judge the fitness of our own behavior? Easy answer, methinks.

   Other Common Boxes

Another treacherous box? Try procrastination, the do-it-later box, which lives to deflect us from pursuing the things we want. It can also block us from those things we may really, really need to take care of and possibly feel guilty about not having done previously. (Raising my hand here.)

When allowed, as dampening to the spirit can be the not-enough box, the maybe-losing-it box (yuuge!), the too-late/old boxes, the don't/can't/shouldn't do it boxes, the maybe I'll need/want this later (clutter) boxto name but a few of the usual suspects.

Click on any live link below for discussions about managing these and other impediments to the laid-back, jolly, and fulfilling autumn years you're now enjoying or may wish to create/maintain for yourself.

Bottom Line?

Whether or not the box analogy works for you doesn't matter. The behavioral and thought patterns such "boxes" represent, however, may hinder you unnecessarily and perhaps more than you realize. But if you stay alert, you can often blow right past those draggerswhether step by step or in leaps that might startle even you. 

Something else to consider is that today's world sorely(!) needs your experience, wisdom, and humor. Although you don't "owe" those to us, what a gift such qualities can be...if you continue to share them.

However you do proceed with your life, though, please remember to include some fun and other good "stuff" for Yourself. Deal?

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