Keep Hanging In...
But do it for You!

Can you relate to this? For days (weeks, maybe?), you were up with the rooster and still going when others were chilling. Yet, perhaps you heard only minimal claps, cheers, and/or glad cries...if any. In fact, maybe you wondered if even a Geiger counter would detect any interest in your "thing."

            So, what's up with That?

Sure, you may have little need for attention, support, and/or kudos, but at least a shred of external enthusiasm might be nice now and then, right? So, going forward, perhaps remind yourself that tepid or zero interest may actually have little to do with you and/or your enterprise of the moment. As you'll have noted, people tend to be rather preoccupied these days...and not just with their "devices."

For example, some may be pursuing big goals themselves...or perhaps are worried or frightened, unhappy, overwhelmed, and/or ill. Any of those might keep someone (or several "someones") from leaping onto your wagon and waving banners. BUT
as you cut those folks a break, do keep hanging in yourself.

   Begrudgers or ...(?)

Others may be a rather different story, perhaps feeling uncomfortable if you begin to shift even slightly from your customary role(s), or if they think you’re somehow pulling "closer to" or “ahead of" them. So, perhaps they question what you're doing or trash you in other ways...such as saying or doing things meant to dampen your enthusiasm for a new goal/path or simply ignoring your "outputs" and personal triumphs.

If you do hang out now and then with competitive people or those with self-esteem issues, grinching tendencies, a jealousy habit, etc., maybe you might consider sharing your goals and dreams less generously with them? That is, unless you're good with silence, boredom, discouraging comments, and/or other tedious and transparent displays.

After all, at this stage do you actually care about the pitfalls (or even pratfalls) others profess to see before you, or that they/friends of theirs have already done, allegedly, whatever you’re engaged in and maybe more than once?

In fact, do you even have
for such folk now? Unless they’re among your nearest and dearest, might you rather do more of your “depositing” where there’s a greater return? If it works for portfolios, perhaps it could work pretty well for your broader life, too.  ;-) 

Votes From the Cheering-Section

The first: Keep going for the goal, the dream, the imperative. During that journey, wherever it leads, you could encounter some wonderful "stuff." The second? Should begrudgers, grinches, jerks, and/or nice-but-preoccupied people need some encouraging words themselves, you'll share more generously with them than they seem to manage with you. 

Do the first three specimens warrant such consideration? From an eye-for-an-eye perspective, perhaps not. But each time you extend a helping hand or some thoughtful/encouraging words to person or beast, you create positive ripples. Since your own karma no doubt benefits as well, you'll have created a double-win simply with some considerate behavior. Nice work!

In the meantime, just as well keep right on truckin'. And perhaps also bear in mind the advice of Rumi, who suggests that when undertaking a journey, we don't give undue weight to directions from those who may never have left home. But that'll be up to you, tiger.  ;-)

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