The Big Clock:
Father T's Discreet "Weapon"

That clock never takes a break, either: it's just tick, tick, tick, 24/7. And what's the problem with that? The "problem" is that, however gifted/cool you may be in however many ways, with every day that passes you have less time to go after any beckoning goals or dreams. You have less time, as well, to deal with any serious business still undone. So, we're talking about significant stuff here.

Smacking That Big Clock Right Down

Luckily, you have your own "discreet weapon," which is this: always, always factor the passage of time into your calculations, when you undertake a task, project, transition, etc. Although simple and self-evident, that single action can also be critical to your success...because the clock does not sleep.

If you lose sight of that basic "truth," you may also lose the desired goal. And if it was something you genuinely wanted or needed, such a loss will not feel good. Moreover, if you're working through a spousal or parental death, for example, or a divorce or sudden income decrease/loss, spending time unproductively could actually cost you money. (Speaking of double-whammys...)

  Just Do It

What we'd all do well to remember is that, once spent, time doesn't return to us. When it's gone, it is gone for good whatever your age and however you may have spent that time. So, when you want or need to accomplish something, perhaps ditch the wait for those "ducks" to line up juuust right. Instead of scanning the skies and tapping your foot, just get started with a duck you've already got.

Whether you need/want to sort out a legal or accounting issue, purge your garage or storage unit, undertake a personal quest (perhaps even a daunting one), or do something Fun, start today with a single step. Then, take another and another until the issue is resolved and/or prize is yours. Although neither sexy nor rocket science, such steps work for a lot of people. You might be one of those yourself.

  Keep on Truckin'

And if Life slaps you upside the head while you're working through your steps or even just minding your own business? First, pay attention to (and trust) the experience, wisdom, and discernment that make you the person you are. Let those guide you through the rough spots. Remember, too, that you may not need to resolve the issue all at once. And you may not have to deal with it all alone, either, unless you so choose.

But enough about the hard stuff: you can handle whatever thrusts itself into your life when/if it happens. Right now, though, maybe you and Ducky could be working on some things you select Yourself. In fact, why not seize your moment while it's there in front of youand also ace the Big Clock at the same time? Just do it, Tiger, while we all cheer!

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