Goals: Getting to "There"

Ah, but if we're not totally sure where "there" even is, how can we take a single step toward it? Which brings us to the vital step of clarifying goals. Although some may find that "exercise" considerably less than a free ride, at this stage of our lives we may also find that the sooner that "ride" begins, the better.

             No Time Like the Present

True, many appear to believe that well-thought-out goals can be helpful. And perhaps you already sense yourself that, with a few of those (and some time and "space"), you too could score some serious wins. If you haven't actually set your goals, there's no time like the present to do so...and then to begin pursuing them.  

Whether you do or do not, however, the big clock keeps ticking away. And perhaps one day it really will be too late to be, do, or have some of those things you’ve been putting off. Or to be, do, or have some of the things you didn’t even realize you wanted.  [BTW, some serious thought about what YOU want for yourself might reveal more of those than you had previously supposed...]

Getting to the Prize...or Not

When your destination is firmly set, a powerful but often overlooked tool stands ready to assist: small steps, even a single one of which can kick off (and/or maintain) a process leading you forward. Unfortunately, people sometimes find such steps hard to take seriously because they seem so...well, small. And not only small, but perhaps pedestrian as well—far too lacking in the grand gestures, the drama and irrevocable acts that some may expect Change or Progress to entail.

Unfortunate as well? The procrastination often ensuing when people believe that meeting their goals will require such behavior...or when they allow others to deflect them from those goals (see Hanging In). Is that going to be your story?

Not if you lay out a plan and start working through the steps, not if you behave like a turtle on a mission. Just do what it takes to get the job done, step by step with maybe a leap or two now and then when the Turtle glimpses champagne or maybe chocolate(!) at the finish line. Slow-and-steady win lots of races, but an occasional sprint rarely hurts.  ;-) 

  How hard is that?

You get to call it: whether hard, easy, or in-between will depend upon your target, your circumstances, and how you choose to play your game. If you could use some support at any point during that "game," perhaps consider seeking it out. You might be surprised at the ways a little help can speed things along. Meanwhile, though, take even a single step that feels like progress. Then, take another and another, always remembering that getting there can sometimes be half the fun!

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